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Actimove® supports ankle and foot patients with a host of design and functional innovations that enhance therapeutic results and pain relief. Doctors and patients alike will appreciate the advanced knitting structure developed by BSN-Jobst experts for our knitted ankle support that provides gradient compression and increases stability. Of course, Actimove® is committed to keeping even ankle and foot patients mobile, so comfort and a physiological gait are top priorities when we develop foot products. That shows in a variety of special features – from easily adjustable heel pads and pressure-free cuffs to a walker with a rocker bottom.

Actimove® TaloCast-AirGel

Functional ankle brace combines benefits for effective therapy and improved compliance Indications Acute capsular ligament injuries (ankle sprains) Ankle strains Chronic ankle instability Swelling and edema at the ankle Actimove® TaloCast-AirGel...

Actimove® TaloMotion

Actimove®TaloMotion ankle support features an advanced knitting structure combiningoptimal therapeutic compression, stability and comfort. It promotes improved bloodcirculation and lymphatic flow, reducing local edemas and swelling for better pain r...


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