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Actimove® TaloStep
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Orthopaedics Soft Goods & Braces

Actimove® TaloStep

Slim-Fit Ankle Orthosis designed for the way life moves.
Actimove® TaloStep is designed to help patients keep pace with their lives. From the anatomical shell forms for proper positioning and support, and the patent-pending strapping system to the slim, low-profile fit and breathable, non-neoprene material, Actimove® TaloStep is there to offer comfort and security every step of the way, every day:

Accurate Positioning and Stabilization

  • Patent-pending strapping system and innovative shell forms work together to create dynamic stabilization
  • Anatomical shell forms combined with inelastic pronation strap ensures correct positioning to help prevent talar shift and supination
  • Accurate shell positioning also offers relief for torn ligaments
  • Utilizing well-known taping technique, elastic strap helps to properly fix heel

Focused on Comfort and Compliance

  • Removable 3-D gel inserts softly cushion ankle pressure points
  • Inserts can be placed in freezer as recommended for optional cooling therapy and to help reduce swelling
  • Soft, breathable, latex-free non-neoprene fabric wicks away moisture to keep skin cool and dry
  • Circular elastic strap helps create a snug fit and added circumferential compression to help reduce swelling
  • Increased comfort and cool foot climate helps ensure longer wear time and patient compliance

Easy of Use and Care

  • Low cut front panel makes step-in application possible
  • Slim, low profile design is less bulky than traditional stirrup braces and slips easily into every day shoes
  • Hook and loop closures help simplify application and adjustment process
  • Can be machine washed with mild detergent in warm water (80–90º F).

Actimove® TaloStep: Innovative design for exceptional function and every day comfort.

This new, high quality ankle orthosis is available under the brands Actimove® (globally), Tricodur® (Germany only) and FLA Orthopedics® (USA only).


The products shown on this web site may not be available for sale in all markets or with different indications and restrictions. Please check with your local sales representative regarding applicable regulatory standards.