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Working at BSN

Working at BSN - What is it like

Meet our employees, get insights on our way of working and see how we act according to our company values.


Silvia BRAGA - General Manager Brazil

At BSN medical we know Integrity gives our stakeholders the confidence to trust us and reputation is fundamental to our long-term success. This is one of the reasons we all make decisions based on BSN´s code of conduct along with our good judgment to the principles and values that underpin it. The other reason is that we do the right things at BSN medical because it is the only way things can be done and we like it! The result is that each of us play our part in upholding our reputation when facing the challenging and motivating scenarium we do business today!


Bruce BEACH - Senior Vice President Global Procurement

Ambition to me means setting the highest goals for yourself and then going for them with everything you’ve got. It means pushing your doubts and your worries to the side and driving relentlessly towards the goal line, no matter how tough the challenge. It means digging deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible in order to bring out the winner in you who can turn obstacles into opportunities. Because in every one of us, there is a winner just waiting to get out—you just have to find him.

What's it like working for BSN?


Nadège MULIOT - Business Area Manager Advanced Wound Technologies

What I love at BSN medical is the possibility to have room for creativity and being able to make my own decisions when building up a new business. With a personal engagement for each decision I take and a strong passion for what I do, I fully identify myself with my projects to drive growth for BSN medical.


Tyler PALMER - Vice President Consumer Health & Lymphology

The rate of change in the marketplace is ever increasing, bringing new risks and opportunities at an accelerated pace. An organization without a sense of urgency will find itself unable to mitigate risk and ill-equipped to capitalize on opportunity, eventually leading to its collapse. Urgency allows BSN medical to achieve transformational change in our business model while better aligning with our customers' needs and delivery of superior patient care. Not necessarily an inherent trait in an organization, urgency must be pursued daily.


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P.O. Box 526, Pinetown,3600
South Africa

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